Napa River Adventures Packages & Tours ~ FAQ

Because ALL cruises are subject to the Tides on the Napa River we cannot offer packages everyday.  However, we can give you ideas and options to build your own Napa River Adventures Package:

Consider the following:

For every two activities you purchase for two or more adults we will give a 10% discount at the time of purchase at our sister site Napa Valley Tickets.  Just click on the dates that you will be in Napa Valley and the site will display all of the available things to do in Napa Valley including a cruise along the Napa River, a wine train trip, a winery tour via shuttle, a wine tasting bike ride, a hot air balloon ride.  Combine any and all you would like to add some depth to your visit to wine country!

Frequent Asked Questions

What days and times are the cruises?

All cruises are subject to the tides which means that for about seven days we may go out during mid-day and the next seven days will be late afternoon or early evening.  We do try to go out every day of the year on at least one cruise a day. 
Our typical departure times are 11:00 AM; 1:00 PM; 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM

How long is the cruise?

The cruises are always two (2) hours long exactly, and we run a tight ship of on-time departures and arrivals..

Can I bring food or wine?

Yes, please bring whatever you would like to enjoy along the way. We usually have wine glasses and wine openers on board as well as a waste bin.  Think of it as going to the movies – you have to have popcorn, right!?!

What else should I bring?

You might consider some sunblock, a hat or sunglasses, and if it’s cold out or winter time a wind-breaker. If it’s particularly hot, bring some bottled water or other beverages.

Are Children allowed? if so, how much?

Yes children are allowed, but need to know at the time of reservation and they are $20 per child from 2-12 years old. If you have an infant please bring a baby carrier

Are dogs allowed?


Can I smoke on board?


Where does the cruise go?

Typically we meander up into Downtown Napa and return through the newly restored marshlands

Where do I meet the boat?

Currently, at the Kennedy Park Dock.

Does the boat make any stops?

No at this time.

Where do we end up?

We return to the Kennedy Park Dock (and your cars)

Is the boat disabled accessible?

Yes with a little help from our Captain

Can I have a private party?

Yes we offer Charter Cruises at $375 for up to eleven (11) passengers; usually we can add a 2nd and 3rd boat to accommodate up to 30 passengers.

How many people does the boat hold?

Up to 11 adults plus the Captain

Is there bathroom facilities on board?

No, but there are facilities at Kennedy Park about 20 yards from the dock or parking lot

Will I need a jacket?

Only if you would be wearing a jacket outside anyhow.

Should I tip the Captain?

He really appreciates it

Are their safety vests on board?

Yes, always

Can we jump in the water?


How fast does the boat go?

about 5 mph, at top speed.  This is the perfect speed to mitigate noise and has the perfect breeze!

Do the windows open?

Yes, at the bow and stern, they are wide open; at starboard and port, the 4-foot tall plexiglass windows slide open at our passenger’s leisure.