Napa River Adventures

Napa River Adventures guided river cruises are aboard our luxurious, electric-motor launches, which comfortably seat up to 11 passengers. Seating is limousine-style and the wrap-around windows provide panoramic views from every seat. Guests are encouraged to bring a picnic, beverages, and snacks to enjoy during their Napa river cruise. Fun and relaxing Napa river tours in Napa Valley.

$60 per passenger. Napa River Adventures offers a 2-hour guided tour daily.

Your two-hour guided Napa river tour begins in the wetlands at the Kennedy Park Dock. As we travel north through historic Downtown Napa, Copia, and you will see remnants of Napa Valley’s past and understand how present changes will affect the future of Napa. As we proceed south into the surrounding wetlands, the many species of birds provide excellent bird watching as well as the gorgeous sweeping vistas of Napa Valley.

Come relax with Napa River Adventures after a long, hard day of wine tasting. Leave the traffic behind as we take our guided Napa river cruise off into the sunset. Whether you are first-time visitors to the Wine Country or experienced pros, we promise to show you parts of Napa Valley not often seen.

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